Astuces sur les Filtres (Anglais seulement)
1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
5! or !=Not operator, or not exactly match. Filter the column with content that do not match the query. Include an equal (=), single (') or double quote (") to exactly not match a filter.
6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Éspoir Nom de l'ÉquipeAnnée de Repêchage Choix Total Information Lien
Aapeli RasanenSharks6130
Aarne TalvitteCoyotes7141
Aaron GagnonIslanders
Aaron HaydonPenguins4147
Aaron HuglenCoyotes9172
Aaron IrvingBruins4179
Aaron JohnsonRed Wings
Aaron PalushajStars
Aaron RomeIslanders
Adam AlmquistCanadiens
Adam BeckmanBlue Jackets926
Adam BurishDevils
Adam ComrieOilers
Adam CourchaineSabres
Adam CracknellBlackhawksLien
Adam GilmourSenateurs
Adam GinningCoyotes8107
Adam HelewkaKingsLien
Adam McQuaidRed WingsLien
Adam MorrisonIslanders
Adam MusilIslandersLien
Adam Ollas MattssonCoyotesLien
Adam PardyOilers
Adam ParsellsWild5167
Adam PolasekCanucks
Adam TambelliniBlackhawksLien
Adrian AucoinBlackhawks
Aidan DudasStars8100
Aidan McdonoughGolden Knights9109
Aidan MuirBlue Jackets3163
Akil ThomasCanadiens827
Akim AliuDevils
Akira SchmidPenguins870
Aku RatyAvalanche9154
Al MontoyaPredatorsLien
Alain GouletOilers
Alban ErikssonPenguins866
Albert JohanssonCoyotes979
Albin GreweAvalanche992
Alec DillonCoyotes4145
Alec RegulaBlues859
Ales HemskyPanthers
Ales StezkaKings5150
Alex BeaucageSenateurs955
Alex GrantRed Wings
Alex GudbransonBlues
Alex GuptillWild
Alex KhokhlachevStars
Alex LintuniemiBruinsLien
Alex NewhookCanadiens912
Alex PlanteIslanders
Alex SchoenbornStars
Alex TanguayWild
Alex TurcotteBlackhawks910
Alex VlasicIslanders946
Alexander AlexeyevBlues825
Alexander BurmistrovSenateurs
Alexander CampbellBruins971
Alexander DelnovBlue Jackets2128
Alexander DergachyovPanthers587
Alexander KadeykinKings4174
Alexander KhovanovBlues836
Alexander PetersCapitals4128
Alexander RomanovDucks819
Alexander RuuttuJets
Alexander SalakRed Wings
Alexander SulzerCanadiens
Alexander UrbomBlue Jackets
Alexandr DarinBlues9157
Alexandre BolducCapitals
Alexandre BurrowsPanthers
Alexandre GrenierIslandersLien
Alexandre MalletPenguins
Alexandre PicardRed Wings
Alexei EmelinJets
Alexei PonikarovskyBlackhawks
Alexey LipanovCoyotes
Alexey MarchenkoPanthers
Alexis GravelGolden Knights8147
Alexis LoiseauSenateurs
Alexis PepinIslanders4100
Alexis VanierIslanders4116
Alfons MalmstromMaple Leafs6166
Aliaksei ProtasCapitals943
Allan McShaneStars869
Allen YorkStars
Anatoli GolyshevWild6108
Anders LindbackBlues
Andong SongMaple Leafs5164
Andre BenoitStars
Andre DeveauxIslanders
Andre PeterssonCanucks
Andreas EngqvistDevils
Andreas SoderbergKings4157
Andrei AltybarmakyanMaple Leafs764
Andrei LoktionovStars
Andrei MarkovFlyers
Andrei MironovBruins
Andrei SvetlakovSharks7152
Andrej NestrasilKings
Andrej SustrIslandersLien
Andrew BodnarchukCoyotes
Andrew CampbellCapitalsLien
Andrew DesjardinsSabres
Andrew EbbettRed Wings
Andrew GordonCapitals
Andrew MacDonaldSenateursLien
Andrew MillerRed Wings
Andrew MurrayCanadiens
Andrew O'BrienStars
Andrew ThomasCapitals
Andrey MakarovPredators
Andrey PedanPanthers
Andy McDonaldStars
Angus CrookshankPenguins875
Anthony CamaraDucks
Anthony FlorentinoRangers3170
Anthony StewartOilers
Antoine LaganiereWild
Antoine VermetteRed Wings
Anton CederholmSabres
Anton KarlssonCapitals468
Anton KlementyevLightning
Anton LanderOilers
Anton RodinDucks
Anton SlepyshevBlue Jackets
Anton VolchenkovCapitals
Anton ZlobinSharks
Antti NiemiCanadiensLien
Antti SaarelaCanadiens9168
Antti TuomistoPanthers941
Anttoni HonkaBruins991
Arsen KhisamutdinovMaple Leafs9155
Artem ManukyanWild8165
Artem SergeevPredators
Artemi KniazevCoyotes965
Arthur KaliyevRed Wings924
Artur GavrusSabres2156
Artur KayumovRangers660
Arturs KuldaSabres
Arturs SilovsSenateurs9108
Arvid CostmarFlyers9124
Atte EngrenHurricanes
Austin CarrollDevils
Austin MadaiskyPenguins
Austin OsmanskiBlue Jackets6159
Austin WongCoyotes8174
Austin WuthrichWild2160
Axel AnderssonPenguins880
Axel BergkvistPredators9119
Axel HolmstromBlackhawksLien
B.J. CrombeenPredators
Barret JackmanMaple Leafs
Barry GoersIslanders
Beau StarrettIslanders476
Ben HanowskiCoyotes
Ben HolmstromRed WingsLien
Ben JohnsonDevils
Ben LovejoyAvalancheLien
Ben MaxwellCanucks
Ben MirageasRangers7122
Ben ScrivensBlue Jackets
Ben SmithHurricanes
Ben StormCanadiens3174
Ben ThomsonMaple LeafsLien
Ben WalterSharks
Benoit PouliotJets
Benoit-Olivier GroulxBlue Jackets844
Benton MaassCanadiens7162
Bill ArnoldFlames
Bill SweattDevils
Bill ThomasCanadiens
Blade JenkinsCoyotes8172
Blake HeinrichBruins3168
Blake KesselSharks
Blake McLaughlinPenguins887
Blake MurrayStars9129
Blake SiebenalerStarsLien
Bob RaymondStars
Bobby BrinkCanucks953
Bobby ButlerFlyersLien
Bobby FarnhamSharksLien
Bobby SanguinettiRed WingsLien
Bogdan YakimovSabres
Boris ValabikBlackhawks
Bowen ByramCoyotes94
Bracken KearnsRed Wings
Brad BoyesMaple Leafs
Brad MorrisonBlue JacketsLien
Brad RichardsRed Wings
Brad RossRed Wings
Brad WinchesterStars
Braden DoyleRangers9171
Brady AustinPenguins
Brady GilmourJets7168
Brady VailJets
Brandon BolligCanucks
Brandon BurlonPenguins
Brandon CrawleyBlue JacketsLien
Brandon DubinskySharksLien
Brandon GentileJets
Brandon GormleySabres
Brandon KozunKings
Brandon KruseCanadiens8158
Brandon MashinterRangers
Brandon McMillanBlue Jackets
Brandon SaigeonGolden Knights8110
Brandon SegalHurricanes
Brayden TraceyBlue Jackets934
Brendan BurkeSabres3177
Brendan De JongBlue Jackets7136
Brendan RanfordAvalanche
Brendan ShinniminLightning
Brendan WarrenPenguins5160
Brenden KichtonRangers
Brent MoranJets4148
Brent PedersonMaple Leafs3132
Brent RegnerPanthers
Brett BellemoreWild
Brett BulmerPredators
Brett DavisBlue Jackets7135
Brett FlemmingDevils
Brett LebdaOilers
Brett MacLeanStars
Brett McKenzieBlue Jackets6178
Brett PollockPredatorsLien
Brett StapleyOilers8145
Brett SterlingRed Wings
Brian CampbellStars
Brian ConnellyCanadiens
Brian CooperKingsLien
Brian FaheyPredators
Brian FerlinSabres
Brian FlynnSenateursLien
Brian FosterBlackhawks
Brian GiontaBlackhawks
Brian HartBlues
Brian LeeBlackhawks
Brian O'HanleyPredators
Brian StraitStarsLien
Brock BeukeboomBlues
Brock TrotterCoyotes
Brodie DupontMaple Leafs
Brody SutterKings
Brooks LaichPenguins
Brooks OrpikBlackhawksLien
Bruno GervaisOilers
Bryan AllenPredators
Bryan HelmerPredators
Bryan LergAvalanche
Bryan LittleOilersLien
Bryan PittonCanadiens
Bryan RodneySenateurs
Bryce BrodzinskiAvalanche9186
Bryce MisleyStars7102
Brycen MartinIslanders
Bulat ShafigullinCanucks8126
Cade WebberIslanders9112
Calen AddisonPenguins858
Calle AnderssonBlues
Calle SjalinWild7179
Cam HillisSharks8102
Cam WardRed WingsLien
Cam YorkFlames930
Cameron ClarkeBruins6181
Cameron CrottyOilers7130
Cameron MorrisonGolden Knights653
Carl KlingbergFlames
Carl NeillSharks5130
Carl SneepDevils
Carlo ColaiacovoSharks
Carson FochtBlue Jackets9143
Carter AshtonDevils
Carter BergerBruins9133
Carter GylanderBruins9149
Case McCarthyWild9166
Casey StaumRangers6174
Casey WellmanPredators
Cedric PareCoyotes7172
Chad BillinsSharks
Chad JohnsonPanthersLien
Chad LaRoseMaple Leafs
Chad RauBlackhawks
Chandler YakimowiczKings4177
Charles SaraultDevils
Charles-Olivier RousselMaple Leafs
Chase BalisySharksLien
Chase LangSharks
Chase PerryPanthers4172
Chet PickardMaple Leafs
Chris BourqueSharksLien
Chris ButlerSharksLien
Chris CalnanSenateurs273
Chris CampoliCanucks
Chris CastoSharksLien
Chris KellyPanthers
Chris KunitzGolden KnightsLien
Chris MartenetIslanders599
Chris MasonMaple Leafs
Chris MinardWild
Chris NeilSenateurs
Chris PhillipsRed Wings
Chris PorterSharks
Chris SummersJetsLien
Chris ThorburnSharksLien
Chris VandeVeldeLightning
Christian HansonPredators
Christian ThomasFlames
Christoph BertschyMaple Leafs
Christophe LalancettePredators2110
Christopher PaquettePredators6161
Christopher WilkieCoyotes5170
Chuck KobasewCapitals
Clark SeymourPanthers
Clayton PhillipsPanthers7118
Clayton StonerDevils
Coda GordonBlue Jackets2148
Cody AlmondCapitals
Cody CorbettCoyotes
Cody FransonBlue Jackets
Cody KunykCanucks
Cody PayneOilers2151
Colby ArmstrongCanucks
Colby RobakRed Wings
Cole BradyBlues9103
Cole CandellaSenateurs6177
Cole CaufieldCoyotes99
Cole CoskeyBlue Jackets9142
Cole FonstadCanucks895
Cole GuttmanAvalanche7167
Cole HultsGolden Knights7181
Cole KoepkeGolden Knights8179
Cole MobergSenateurs9136
Cole SchwindtBlue Jackets949
Cole UllyCanadiens
Colin FraserSharks
Colin GreeningPredatorsLien
Colin SmithSharks
Colin WilsonOilersLien
Collin AdamsOilers6137
Colten EllisBlue Jackets980
Colten TeubertIslanders
Conner HurleyFlyers377
Connor BrickleyBruinsLien
Connor ChathamPanthers486
Connor CorcoranMaple Leafs8136
Connor CrispStars
Connor GogginCoyotes
Connor HallCapitals6109
Connor McMichaelCanadiens911
Conor AllenAvalanche
Cooper MooreBruins9184
Corban KnightFlamesLien
Corey FienhageRangers
Cory EmmertonCanadiens
Craig CunninghamSenateurs
Craig SchiraIslanders
Curt GogolRangers
Curtis DouglasPenguins893
Curtis GlencrossJets
Curtis HallIslanders8118
Curtis HamiltonSharks
D'Artagnan JolyBlue Jackets7113
Dalton ProutCanucksLien
Dalton ThrowerPredators250
Damian GirouxMaple Leafs8127
Damien BrunnerStars
Damien RiatSharks699
Dan BoyleCapitals
Dan GirardiFlyersLien
Dan RingwaldBlackhawks
Dan SextonPenguins
Dan SpangCanadiens
Dana TyrellIslanders
Daniel AlfredssonMaple Leafs
Daniel AltshullerSharks
Daniel BernhardtPanthers5140
Daniel CarcilloWild
Daniel CatenacciCanucks
Daniel CiampiniDevilsLien
Daniel ClearyBlackhawks
Daniel GunnarssonAvalanche2136
Daniel PaillePenguins
Daniel PribylCapitals
Daniel SedinCoyotes
Daniel TaylorSenateurs
Daniel VladarIslanders562
Daniel WinnikRed Wings
Daniel ZaarBlue Jackets
Daniil MisyulSharks9144
Daniil TarasovGolden Knights7100
Daniil TarasovCapitals
Daniil ZharkovIslanders274
Danila ZhuravlyovOilers8166
Danny DeKeyserKingsLien
Danny KristoSenateurs
Danny RichmondKings
Danny SyvretCapitals
Dany SabourinSenateurs
Daren MachesneyIslanders
Darren DietzOilers
Darroll PoweMaple Leafs
Darryl BoyceCanadiens
Dave BollandDevils
Dave SteckelDevils
David BernhardtIslanders6167
David BoothRangers
David BrownSenateurs
David ClarksonPredators
David CottonCoyotes5175
David DesharnaisBruins
David FarranceOilers7127
David HrenakDucks8135
David KolomatisWild
David LeggioWild
David LegwandPredators
David LiffitonPredators
David MossStars
David MusilSenateurs
David NoelBlue Jackets7143
David RundbladHurricanes
David SchlemkoSenateursLien
David TendeckCoyotes8184
David UllstromOilersLien
Davis DrewiskeOilers
Dawson BarteauxCapitals8177
Declan ChisholmPredators8151
Demetrios KoumontzisRangers8176
Denis GrebeshkovBlackhawks
Denis SmirnovBlue Jackets7144
Dennis BusbyBlackhawks8113
Dennis EverbergPenguinsLien
Dennis PerssonOilers
Dennis RasmussenFlyers
Dennis SeidenbergCoyotes
Dennis WidemanDevils
Derek DorsettPenguins
Derek MacKenzieSenateurs
Derek MeechDevils
Derek MorrisIslanders
Derek RoyLightning
Derek SmithMaple Leafs
Derek WhitmoreCapitals
Devante Smith-PellyFlamesLien
Devin SetoguchiBlue Jackets
Dillon FournierStars
Dillon HamaliukIslanders963
Dion PhaneufBlue JacketsLien
Dmitri SemykinIslanders8119
Dmitri ZhukenovKings589
Dmitrij JaskinSharksLien
Dmitry SinitsynLightning2172
Dmitry VoronkovBlackhawks987
Dmitry ZavgorodniyBlue Jackets8148
Domenick FensoreBlue Jackets981
Dominic BasseSenateurs9110
Dominic MooreDevils
Dominik BokkBlackhawks821
Dominik LakatosMaple Leafs7180
Dominik UherDevils
Drayson BowmanWild
Drew HellesonKings990
Drew MillerDevils
Drew ParisWild
Drew SchiestelPenguins
Drew ShoreBlue Jackets
Drew StaffordHurricanesLien
Duncan SiemensCoyotesLien
Dustin ByfuglienPanthersLien
Dustin JeffreySenateurs
Dustin WolfMaple Leafs957
Dwight KingDevils
Dylan CozensOilers98
Dylan LabbeWild
Dylan OlsenBlue Jackets
Dylan ReeseStars
Dylan SadowyRangersLien
Dylan SambergSharks743
Eamon McAdamPanthersLien
Eddie LackLightningLien
Eddie PasqualeCapitals
Eemeli RasanenIslanders772
Eetu MakiniemiRangers7173
Eetu PakkilaLightning8140
Egor AfanasyevSenateurs931
Egor SerdyukBlue Jackets9120
Elmer SoderblomSenateurs9121
Emerson EtemHurricanes
Emil MolinRangers
Emil PetterssonDucksLien
Emilio PettersenAvalanche861
Eric BaierRed Wings
Eric BrewerMaple Leafs
Eric FehrHurricanesLien
Eric GelinasSharks
Eric GrybaSenateursLien
Eric HjorthGolden Knights9156
Eric LockeLightning3136
Eric NystromPredators
Eric O'DellCoyotes
Eric RoySharks
Eric WellwoodJets
Erik ColeJets
Erik FoleyOilers5136
Erik Gustafsson 1988Coyotes
Erik Karlsson94Bruins
Erik NystromSenateurs
Erik PortilloKings996
Erik Walli-WalterholmCanucks7177
Ethan HaiderBlues9140
Ethan KeppenBlues9126
Ethan PhillipsLightning9147
Evan BarrattKings787
Evan CowleyRed Wings
Evan FitzpatrickCoyotesLien
Evan ObergRed Wings
Evgeny GrachevIslanders
Fabrice HerzogPredators370
Fedor GordeevIslanders7165
Felix BibeauMaple Leafs9114
Felix GirardBlue JacketsLien
Filip AhlCanadiens5101
Filip BerglundPredators689
Filip HallanderMaple Leafs843
Filip JohanssonPenguins863
Filip KralOilers8117
Filip KubaRed Wings
Filip LindbergMaple Leafs9107
Filip SveningssonGolden Knights7183
Filip WesterlundCapitals781
Francis BeauvillierSharks
Francis WathierSenateurs
Francois BeaucheminBlackhawks
Francois BrassardOilers2179
Francois TremblayBlue Jackets2178
Freddie HamiltonLightning
Frederic St. DenisBlackhawks
Frederik OlofssonPenguins485
Fredric LarssonPredators280
Fredrik BergvikRangers3110
Fredrik KarlstromCapitals678
Gabriel BeaupreCapitals
Gabriel FortierBlues853
Gabryel BoudreauBlue Jackets3108
Garnet ExelbyCanucks
Garret RossCanucksLien
Garrett MeursCoyotes
Garrett StaffordDevils
Gavin HainBlue Jackets8178
Geoff WalkerSharks
Georgio EstephanStars5119
Gianni FairbrotherCoyotes993
Giovanni VallatiBlues8161
Gleason FournierSenateurs
Graeme ClarkeSenateurs976
Graham BlackDevils
Graham MinkBlackhawks
Grant BesseAvalanche
Grant MismashGolden Knights765
Greg MeirelesSenateurs9105
Greg RalloFlyers
Greg ScottSharks
Greg ZanonPredators
Gregory CampbellSharks
Gregory ChaseSharks
Griffin ReinhartIslandersLien
Grigori DenisenkoBlackhawks817
Guillaume DesbiensOilers
Gus YoungStars
Gustav BourammanBlue JacketsLien
Gustav PosslerFlyers368
Hal GillStars
Hampus MelenBlue Jackets3180
Hardy Haman-AktellBlue Jackets6104
Harri SateriCoyotesLien
Harry YoungBlackhawks
Harry ZolnierczykCapitalsLien
Hayden HawkeyFlyers4153
Henri IkonenFlyers
Henri KiviahoHurricanes2163
Henri NikkanenKings9130
Henrik SamuelssonRangersLien
Henrik SedinStars
Henrik TallinderCapitals
Henrik ZetterbergRed Wings
Henry ThrunBlackhawks983
Hugh McGingWild8164
Hugo AlnefeltCoyotes950
Hunter JonesOilers948
Hunter SkinnerPanthers9146
Hunter SmithOilers
Ian MitchellBlues758
Ian ScottStars776
Ian WhiteStars
Igor BobkovBruins
Iiro PakarinenLightning
Ilya BryzgalovStars
Ilya KonovalovRangers978
Ilya NikolaevPanthers9115
Ilya SorokinCapitals459
Isaiah SavilleGolden Knights989
Ivan ChukarovPredators5168
Ivan LodniaSabres761
Ivan MorozovPenguins881
Ivan TeleginLightning
J.P. TestwuideJets
Jace CoyleBlackhawks
Jachym KondelikPenguins871
Jack BadiniJets7128
Jack DruryPenguins865
Jack DuganGolden Knights7133
Jack GloverSenateurs480
Jack HillenDevils
Jack LafontaineIslanders674
Jack MaloneSenateurs9179
Jack McBainOilers857
Jack RathboneOilers7158
Jack SkilleMaple Leafs
Jackson HouckPredators390
Jackson LaCombeSharks977
Jackson PerbixCoyotes8131
Jacob Bernard-DockerCapitals840
Jacob CederholmGolden Knights6127
Jacob InghamDucks8142
Jacob JosefsonOilers
Jacob LeguerrierBlue Jackets9141
Jacob McGrewGolden Knights7161
Jacob MoverareGolden Knights6114
Jacob OlofssonMaple Leafs851
Jacob PaquetteAvalanche7178
Jacob PetersonCoyotes7156
Jaedon DescheneauPenguins478
Jake DowellLightning
Jake MarchmentKings4165
Jake NewtonSenateurs
Jake PatersonKingsLien
Jake PivonkaBruins8186
Jake RyczekBlue Jackets6179
Jake SchmaltzSenateurs9167
Jake WiseKings894
Jakob Forsbacka KarlssonBlackhawksLien
Jakob PelletierRangers927
Jakob RagnarssonCapitals8124
Jakob StenqvistRangers6184
Jakub GalvasLightning7117
Jakub JerabekStarsLien
Jakub KindlFlyers
James GreenwayRed Wings697
James MartinBlackhawks
James MelindyBlue Jackets
James ReidStars
James SheppardOilers
James WisniewskiPenguins
James WrightJets
Jamie ArnielJets
Jamie LangenbrunnerWild
Jamie McBainOilers
Jamie McGinnWildLien
Jamie PhillipsMaple Leafs
Jamie TardifBlackhawks
Jamieson ReesBlues939
Jan JenikPenguins884
Jan KostalekCoyotes
Jannik HansenPanthers
Jared BollPredators
Jared CowenDevils
Jared KnightJets
Jared McIsaacMaple Leafs829
Jared MoeBlue Jackets8155
Jarome IginlaStars
Jaromir JagrAvalanche
Jaroslav JanusKings
Jarret TyszkaWild7155
Jason AkesonLightning
Jason ChimeraStars
Jason DeSantisPredators
Jason GarrisonStarsLien
Jason KasdorfJets
Jason LaBarberaSenateurs
Jason PominvilleWildLien
Jasper WeatherbyBruins8156
Jay HarrisonMaple Leafs
Jay McClementRed Wings
Jay O'BrienRangers846
Jayden StrubleAvalanche974
Jean-Francois JacquesMaple Leafs
Jean-Philippe CotePredators
Jean-Sebastien GiguereRed Wings
Jed OrtmeyerRed Wings
Jeff FrazeeCapitals
Jeff GlassSenateursLien
Jeff HalpernRed Wings
Jeff JakaitisAvalanche
Jeff PennerSenateurs
Jeff SchultzPanthers
Jeff TaffeJets
Jeff WoywitkaJets
Jeff ZatkoffSenateurs
Jens LookeSenateursLien
Jeremiah AddisonBruins5165
Jeremy CollitonSharks
Jeremy MichelBlue Jackets9180
Jeremy SmithCanucksLien
Jeremy SwaymanStars779
Jeremy WelshKings
Jerome LeducAvalanche
Jerome SamsonSenateurs
Jerry D'AmigoStars
Jesper EliassonPenguins889
Jesper PetterssonPredators
Jesper SellgrenPenguins879
Jesse BlackerSharks
Jesse GabrielleStars
Jesse GrahamJetsLien
Jesse PuljujarviBluesLien
Jesse YlonenRangers838
Jett WooDevils830
Jhonas EnrothDucks
Jim O'BrienAvalancheLien
Jim SlaterRed Wings
Jim VandermeerPredators
Jimmy HayesDevilsLien
Jimmy LodgeAvalanche
Jiri HudlerCanucks
Jiri PateraBruins7174
Jiri SekacBlues
Jiri TlustyDevils
Joacim ErikssonCanadiens
Joakim AnderssonDevils
Jocktan ChaineyBlue Jackets7139
Jody PedersonSharks
Joe CannataSenateurs
Joe CharleboisIslanders
Joe ColbornePanthers
Joe FallonCanucks
Joe PiskulaDevils
Joe WegwerthMaple Leafs4134
Joe WhitneySharks
Joel HoferPenguinsLien
Joel VerminFlyers
Joel WardSharks
Joey DudekPredators4169
Joey MorminaPredators
Joffrey LupulDevils
Johan AlmCanadiens
Johan FranzenBlue Jackets
Johan GustafssonSenateurs
Johan MotinJets
Johan SundstromPanthers
John AlbertStars
John BeecherKings937
John DahlstromBlue Jackets5179
John DraegerMaple Leafs285
John ErskineCanucks
John FarinacciCoyotes982
John LeonardLightning8134
John LudvigBlue Jackets952
John McCarronRed WingsLien
John McFarlandMaple Leafs
John MitchellJets
John MuseHurricanesLien
John PerssonHurricanes
John PiccinichMaple Leafs4131
John RamageStarsLien
John St. IvanyBlackhawks8115
John-Michael LilesSenateurs
Johnathan MacLeodPenguins4101
Johnny OduyaPanthers
Jon RheaultKings
Jonas GustavssonOilers
Jonas RondbjergOilers798
Jonatan BerggrenDucks839
Jonathan DahlenSenateursLien
Jonathan GrudenCoyotes8143
Jonathan MatsumotoDucks
Jonathan RacinePanthers
Jonathan WalkerCanucks6149
Jonathan-Ismael DiabyIslanders
Joni IkonenSharks759
Joni OrtioOilers
Jonne TammelaAvalancheLien
Jonny TychonickPenguins882
Joonas LyytinenJetsLien
Jordan CaronIslanders
Jordan HarrisPenguins885
Jordan HendryCanucks
Jordan HenryWild
Jordan HillDevils
Jordan KooyBlue Jackets8187
Jordan LeopoldPredators
Jordan SambrookSharks6106
Jordan SchroederPenguinsLien
Jordan SpenceDevils972
Jordan StallardMaple Leafs6134
Jordan SubbanSharksLien
Joren van PottelbergheMaple Leafs5106
Jori LehteraMaple LeafsLien
Jose TheodoreWild
Josh Anderson DEFBlue Jackets685
Josh GodfreyRed Wings
Josh GorgesBlue Jackets
Josh GreenPredators
Josh HennessyFlames
Josh JoorisBlue JacketsLien
Joshua WinquistPenguins
Juho LammikkoBlue JacketsLien
Julien BrouillettePenguins
Julien PelletierDucks4130
Julius BergmanPenguinsLien
Julius HonkaSabresLien
Julius NattinenPenguins
Julius VahataloCanadiens4106
Juraj MikusMaple Leafs
Jussi JokinenStars
Justin AlmeidaPenguins876
Justin AugerKingsLien
Justin AzevedoOilers
Justin FalkDevilsLien
Justin FlorekRed Wings
Justin FontaineMaple Leafs
Justin KeaBlue Jackets
Justin KruegerCanucks
Justin PetersPanthers
Justin PoggeDevils
Justin ShuggSabres
Justus AnnunenDucks8108
Juuso ParssinenKings9176
Juuso ValimakiRed WingsLien
Jyri NiemiStars
Jyrki JokipakkaDevils
K'Andre MillerBlues822
Kaedan KorczakCoyotes959
Kael MouillieratCanucks
Kale HowarthBlue Jackets7145
Karch BachmanKings5152
Karel PlasekAvalanche9173
Karel VejmelkaAvalanche5122
Kari LehtonenKings
Karl HenrikssonGolden Knights994
Karlis CuksteBlue Jackets5128
Karri RamoKings
Kaspar DaugavinsDevils
Kasper BjorkqvistStars681
Kasper KotkansaloKings7101
Keaton EllerbyDucks
Keean WashkurakBlue Jackets9111
Keegan IversonIslanders
Keegan KanzigBlues3128
Keith AucoinCanadiens
Keith AulieCanucks
Keith PetruzzelliMaple Leafs7108
Keith SeabrookIslanders
Kelly SummersBruins4180
Ken ApplebyFlamesLien
Kenny ReiterCapitals
Kent HuskinsBlackhawks
Kerby RychelSabresLien
Kevan MillerRed WingsLien
Kevin BahlPenguins883
Kevin BieksaMaple Leafs
Kevin ElgestalCanadiens4110
Kevin GagneFlames
Kevin GoumasAvalanche
Kevin MandoleseBlues854
Kevin MarshallIslanders
Kevin MontgomeryBlackhawks
Kevin SundherOilers
Kim NousiainenAvalanche986
Kimmo TimonenPredators
Kirill KabanovAvalanche
Kirill KaprizovAvalanche5114
Kirill MarchenkoPenguins864
Kirill SlepetsGolden Knights9152
Kirill TulupovCapitals
Kirk MacDonaldCanucks
Klas DahlbeckPenguins
Konrad AbeltshauserCoyotes
Konstantin VolkovCoyotes6164
Kris FoucaultHurricanes
Kris VersteegKings
Kristers GudlevskisHurricanes
Kristian OldhamBlue Jackets5174
Kristian Roykas-MarthinsenCoyotes7166
Kyle BeachCanucks
Kyle BrodziakWildLien
Kyle ChipchuraJets
Kyle FlanaganKings
Kyle GreentreeStars
Kyle LawsonIslanders
Kyle MedvecRed Wings
Kyle OlsonPanthers7140
Kyle PlatzerMaple Leafs
Kyle QuinceyStars
Kyle WellwoodMaple Leafs
Kyle WilsonStars
Ladislav SmidDucks
Landon FerraroCoyotesLien
Lane ZablockiBruins7164
Lassi ThomsonFlames944
Lauri KorpikoskiBlackhawks
Lauri PajuniemiPenguins877
Layton AhacStars998
Lee BaldwinCanadiens
Lee StempniakBlue JacketsLien
Leevi AaltonenPredators9181
Leland IrvingJets
Lennart PetrellIslanders
Lenni KillinenRangers8149
Liam CoughlinKings4163
Liam FoudyCoyotes828
Liam HawelPanthers7129
Liam KirkAvalanche8185
Linden VeyJets
Linus ArnessonHurricanes
Linus CronholmBlackhawks8144
Linus HogbergAvalanche6123
Linus KarlssonCoyotes898
Linus LindstromPanthers6147
Linus NassenRangers6143
Linus OlundOilersLien
Linus OmarkSabres
Linus SoderstromBlues477
Linus WeissbachAvalanche7105
Logan HutskoPenguins890
Logan NeatonBruins9162
Logan NelsonRed Wings2139
Logan PyettCoyotesLien
Loic LeducPenguins
Louis-Marc AubryPredators
Luc SnuggerudKings
Lucas JohansenWildLien
Lucas LessioDevils
Ludvig RensfeldtPenguins
Ludwig BystromSharksLien
Luka BurzanSenateurs9123
Lukas DostalBlues845
Lukas ParikPredators988
Lukas RousekCapitals9161
Lukas SedlakPredatorsLien
Luke AdamLightning
Luke GazdicKingsLien
Luke HenmanBruins8125
Luke MartinCoyotes789
Luke OpilkaBruins5132
Luke StevensPredators5109
Mac BennettFlames
Mackenzie SkapskiMaple Leafs
Mads SogaardIslanders932
Magnus HellbergCapitals
Magnus NygrenHurricanes
Magnus PaajarviCapitalsLien
Maksim MayorovLightning
Maksim ZhukovCapitals768
Malte SetkovWild7138
Manny MalhotraWild
Marc CantinOilers
Marc Del GaizoCanucks9106
Marc McNultySharks3151
Marc MethotMaple Leafs
Marc-Andre BergeronCapitals
Marc-Andre ClicheIslanders
Marc-Andre GragnaniIslanders
Marc-Antoine PouliotCanadiens
Marcel GocCanucks
Marcel MuellerIslanders
Marcel NoebelsSenateurs
Marco CousineauRed Wings
Marco RoyBruins
Marcus DavidssonRed Wings757
Marcus KallionkieliKings9128
Marcus KarlbergCanucks8157
Marcus KrugerSharksLien
Marcus VelaCoyotes5173
Marek HrivikSharks
Marek MazanecIslandersLien
Marek TvrdonFlames
Marian GaborikSharks
Mario LuciaBlue Jackets
Mark ArcobelloOilers
Mark CundariCanucks
Mark DekanichRed Wings
Mark EatonDevils
Mark FayneHurricanes
Mark FistricIslanders
Mark FraserCanadiens
Mark KastelicBlue Jackets984
Mark KaticCoyotes
Mark LetestuLightningLien
Mark LouisKings
Mark MacMillanFlames
Mark MathesonSenateurs
Mark McNeillKingsLien
Mark OlverOilers
Mark OwuyaFlames
Mark StreitHurricanes
Mark VisentinRangers
Markus NiemelainenSenateurs690
Markus PhillipsSharks7114
Markus SobergCapitals3122
Marshall WarrenBlue Jackets9127
Martin BironStars
Martin BrodeurBlackhawks
Martin GernatHurricanes
Martin HanzalBlues
Martin HasIslanders9134
Martin HavlatPredators
Martin RewayFlames373
Martin St. PierreOilers
Martins DzierkalsWild581
Mason McDonaldAvalanche493
Mason MillmanGolden Knights9116
Mason PrimeauIslanders9125
Mason RaymondDucks
Massimo RizzoSenateurs9175
Mat BodieAvalanche
Mat ClarkMaple Leafs
Matej BlumelPanthers9177
Matej PaulovicRed Wings3171
Matej PekarGolden Knights867
Matej StranskyLightning
Matej TomekCoyotes593
Matheson IacopelliMaple LeafsLien
Mathew HillSenateurs9174
Mathias FromPanthers6163
Mathias LaferriereCapitals8104
Mathieu BriseboisBlackhawks
Mathieu BrodeurOilers
Mathieu CarleCanucks
Matia MarcantuoniSenateurs
Matias MaccelliCoyotes945
Matias MantykiviAvalanche9185
Matt AndersonSenateurs
Matt BrassardSharks7132
Matt BucklesPenguins
Matt CareyLightning
Matt CarleCanucks
Matt ClimieIslanders
Matt CookeStars
Matt CullenCanadiensLien
Matt D'AgostiniHurricanes
Matt DeBlouwMaple Leafs2175
Matt FilipeBlackhawks688
Matt FinnBlue Jackets
Matt FraserIslanders
Matt FrattinAvalanche
Matt GilroyWild
Matt GreeneIslanders
Matt HalischukJets
Matt HendricksBlackhawksLien
Matt HunwickKingsLien
Matt KeetleyBlackhawks
Matt MacKenzieJets
Matt PelechHurricanes
Matt SchmalzKings5153
Matt SmabyPredators
Matt StajanHurricanes
Matt TaorminaHurricanesLien
Matthew BerkovitzKings4156
Matthew BoldyDevils935
Matthew BradleyDucks5135
Matthew CairnsStars696
Matthew CorrenteJets
Matthew MisteleStars4167
Matthew O'ConnorCanucksLien
Matthew RobertsonKings942
Matthew SpencerRed WingsLien
Matthew StienburgJets9145
Matthew ThiessenWild8180
Matthew VillaltaBruins760
Matthew WedmanBruins9183
Mattias BackmanLightning
Mattias NorlinderFlames951
Mattias SamuelssonCoyotes860
Mattias TedenbyDucks
Matvey GuskovBlue Jackets9117
Max FribergDucks
Max GildonAvalanche774
Max GortzBlue Jackets
Max ReinhartRangers
Max TalbotCanadiens
Max ZimmerCapitals6140
Maxence GuenetteBruins9153
Maxim CajkovicKings968
Maxim GoncharovCapitals
Maxim LapierreCoyotes
Maxim MaminGolden Knights
Maxime ClermontKings
Maxime FortunusFlames
Maxime MacenauerIslanders
Maxime SauveBruins
Maxwell CrozierPredators9150
Merrick MadsenWildLien
Michael AndersonBruins7160
Michael BournivalMaple Leafs
Michael BrodzinskiFlames
Michael CammalleriBruins
Michael ClarkePenguins2157
Michael HouserFlyers
Michael KostkaSharks
Michael LattaCapitals
Michael LeightonFlamesLien
Michael RatchukDucks
Michael RuppWild
Michael SchumacherSabres
Michael St. CroixFlames
Michael VernaceDevils
Michael VukojevicBruins9102
Michael ZalewskiBlackhawks
Michal HandzusJets
Michal JordanDevils
Michal NeuvirthSenateursLien
Michal RepikDucks
Michal TeplyCanucks975
Mikael HakkarainenGolden Knights8150
Mike AngelidisOilers
Mike BlundenIslanders
Mike BrodeurStars
Mike BrownJets
Mike CallahanBlue Jackets8188
Mike ConnollyHurricanes
Mike DowningCapitals
Mike FisherSharks
Mike HalmoBlue Jackets
Mike KnubleBlackhawks
Mike LundinSenateurs
Mike McKeeKings2131
Mike McKennaWildLien
Mike MooreKings
Mike MurphyCanucks
Mike RibeiroStars
Mike RobinsonBruins5172
Mike SantorelliOilers
Mike SauerDevils
Mike WeaverRed Wings
Mike WintherSenateurs258
Mike ZigomanisWild
Mikhail AbramovStars967
Mikhail GrabovskiKings
Mikhail GrigorenkoSabres
Mikko KokkonenBlues964
Mikko VainonenBlue Jackets2126
Milan HejdukMaple Leafs
Milan MichalekIslanders
Miles GendronMaple Leafs4114
Milos RomanWild8122
Miro AaltonenBlackhawks
Miro KarjalainenKings4170
Miska KukkonenCapitals8130
Mitch CallahanOilersLien
Mitchell GibsonOilers8163
Mitchell HeardPanthers
Mitchell HoelscherCapitals8170
Mitchell MattsonWild6170
Mitchell MorozBlue Jackets
Mitchell Vande SompelPenguinsLien
Mitchell WheatonDevils3148
Morgan BarronCanadiens7182
Morgan EllisDucks
Myles BellAvalanche3101
Nail YakupovBruins
Nathan ClurmanSenateurs6186
Nathan HortonPredators
Nathan LegareSharks962
Nathan McIverOilers
Nathan NoelPanthersLien
Nathan OystrickBlackhawks
Nathan SmithBlues899
Nicholas CaamanoCanucksLien
Nicholas MagyarBlues489
Nick AbruzzeseStars973
Nick CampoliBlue Jackets7154
Nick CrawfordStars
Nick DrazenovicDevils
Nick JohnsonSharks
Nick LattaHurricanes
Nick PalmieriMaple Leafs
Nick RobertsonBlackhawks917
Nick RossMaple Leafs
Nick SchausWild
Nick SorensenDucks
Nick SpalingMaple Leafs
Nick WaltersBlues289
Nicklas GrossmannWild
Nicklas JensenBruins
Nicklaus PerbixCanucks7185
Nico GrossStars8162
Nicolas DeschampsSharks
Nicolas KerdilesBlues
Nicolas MattinenBlue Jackets6148
Nik AntropovPredators
Nikita AlexandrovSharks961
Nikita FilatovRed Wings
Nikita KorostelevAvalanche5145
Nikita NesterenkoSenateurs9135
Nikita NesterovAvalanche
Nikita NikitinHurricanes
Nikita OkhotyukRangers997
Nikita PopugaevIslandersLien
Nikita ScherbakBlue JacketsLien
Nikita SoshnikovPredatorsLien
Nikita TryamkinIslanders
Niklas HanssonPenguinsLien
Niklas KronwallStarsLien
Niklas LundstromStars
Niklas NordgrenMaple Leafs8105
Niklas SvedbergBruins
Niklas TikkinenLightning2180
Niko HovinenKings
Nikola PasicMaple Leafs9138
Nikolai KovalenkoRangers8111
Nikolas KobersteinOilers4129
Nikolay KuleminKings
Nils HoglanderStars918
Nils LundkvistDucks852
Noah CarrollJets6176
Noah CatesGolden Knights7120
Noah RodIslanders495
Noel HoefenmayerBruins7148
Nolan FooteLightning923
Nolan PatrickBlackhawksLien
Nolan VeseyJetsLien
Nolan YonkmanKings
Olivier ArchambaultPredators
Olivier MalkaKings
Olivier RodrigueBruins841
Olivier RoyDevils
Olle Eriksson-EkPredators769
Olli JokinenOilers
Olof LindbomPenguins868
Ondrej PavelecSenateurs
Oscar LindbergCapitalsLien
Oskar BackMaple Leafs8114
Oskari LaaksonenOilers7176
Oskars BartulisMaple Leafs
Ostap SafinSabres792
Owen LindmarkWild9165
PA ParenteauRed Wings
Parker FooBlue Jackets7186
Pat CannoneJets
Patrice CormierIslanders
Patrick CullityAvalanche
Patrick DwyerPanthers
Patrick EavesIslandersLien
Patrick HarperPanthers6113
Patrick HollandCapitals
Patrick KaletaBlackhawks
Patrick KilleenOilers
Patrick KudlaDucks6156
Patrick McNeillBlackhawks
Patrick MoynihanGolden Knights9163
Patrick MullenMaple Leafs
Patrick SharpMaple Leafs
Patrick WierciochStars
Patrik BartosakBlue Jackets
Patrik BerglundSenateursLien
Patrik PuistolaRed Wings960
Paul BissonnettePredators
Paul DaintonStars
Paul GaustadSharks
Paul MartinSharks
Paul PostmaCanucks
Paul RangerJets
Paul SzczechuraPredators
Pavel DorofeyevLightning985
Pavel JenysPenguins4150
Pavel KarnaukhovDucks5155
Pavel KoltyginSabres7103
Pavel KraskovskyCanadiens4115
Pavel ValentenkoIslanders
Peter BudajSharksLien
Peter DelmasPredators
Peter HollandPanthersLien
Peter MuellerJets
Peter QuennevilleOilers3144
Peter ReginSharks
Peter ThomeSenateurs6183
Petr KvacaCoyotes7163
Petr StrakaPredators
Petrus PalmuSabresLien
Petter GranbergJets
Petteri LindbohmBlackhawks
Peyton KrebsMaple Leafs915
Philip BrobergSabres928
Philip KempMaple Leafs7107
Philip LaneMaple Leafs
Philip LarsenCapitals
Philip McRaeKings
Philip SamuelssonJetsLien
Philip TomasinoBlackhawks921
Philippe DupuisIslanders
Pierre-Cedric LabrieCapitals
Pierre-Marc BouchardCapitals
Pontus HolmbergMaple Leafs8153
Pyotr KochetkovJets936
Quentin ShoreWild3173
Quinn OlsonBruins9122
Quinn SchmiemannBruins9170
Quinton HowdenFlames
Radek DvorakJets
Radel FazleevPenguinsLien
Radim VrbataOilers
Radovan BondraRed Wings5110
Rafael Harvey-PinardWild9100
Raffi TorresDevils
Raman HrabarenkaCapitals
Raphael BussieresPanthers
Raphael DiazJets
Raphael LavoieBlues933
Rasmus BodinCapitals2166
Rasmus RissanenOilers
Ray EmeryMaple Leafs
Ray MaciasStars
Ray WhitneyOilers
Reece NewkirkCanucks9137
Reid McNeillCapitals
Reilly WalshStars788
Reto BerraCapitals
Rhett HollandJets2137
Rhett RakhshaniDevils
Richard NejezchlebPenguins
Richard PetiotWild
Rick DiPietroBlackhawks
Rick NashDevils
Riley DamianiPenguins872
Riley HughesWild8173
Riley StottsAvalanche8123
Rob KlinkhammerMaple Leafs
Robbie BaillargeonPanthers2147
Robert MastrosimoneBlues9118
Robert MayerWild
Roberto LuongoSharksLien
Robin KovacsRangers
Robin NorellJets
Robin SaloMaple Leafs794
Robyn RegehrIslanders
Rod PelleyRed Wings
Roddy RossAvalanche9178
Roman CervenkaRed Wings
Roman DerlyukBlackhawks
Roman DurnyBruins8183
Roman HorakHurricanes
Roman WillCoyotes
Ronalds KeninsAvalanche
Ronnie AttardSenateurs969
Rourke ChartierSenateursLien
Roy RadkeSenateurs5156
Rushan RafikovWild3106
Ruslan IskhakovPanthers850
Ryan ButtonRed Wings
Ryan CallahanSharksLien
Ryan CarterWild
Ryan CulkinPredatorsLien
Ryan GarbuttSharks
Ryan HamiltonKings
Ryan HorvatKingsLien
Ryan JohnsonWild956
Ryan JonesMaple Leafs6152
Ryan KellerOilers
Ryan KeslerSharksLien
Ryan KujawinskiPanthers
Ryan MalonePredators
Ryan ManthaSharks
Ryan MartindaleDevils
Ryan McGinnisIslanders
Ryan MerkleyStars831
Ryan MurphyGolden KnightsLien
Ryan O'Reilly 2000Jets8121
Ryan ParentJets
Ryan PilonBruins5137
Ryan RupertStars
Ryan RussellJets
Ryan SegallaBruins3153
Ryan SheaCapitals5161
Ryan SpoonerLightningLien
Ryan SproulMaple LeafsLien
Ryan StoaOilers
Ryan SuzukiRed Wings922
Ryan TesinkPredatorsLien
Ryan WhitneyDevils
Ryan WilsonOilers
Ryane CloweStars
Ryder DonovanKings9159
Rylan SchwartzCanadiens
Saku KoivuOilers
Saku MaenalanenRangersLien
Sam BrittainRangers
Sam RuoppDucks5149
Sami AittokallioPredators
Sami LepistoStars
Sampo RantaCoyotes8112
Samuel BolducMaple Leafs947
Samuel Dove-McfallsWild5141
Samuel ErssonCapitals878
Samuel FagemoSharks929
Samuel HoudeBlue Jackets8139
Samuel MorinKings
Samuel PoulinCoyotes920
Samuel WalkerLightning7170
Santeri VirtanenPanthers7119
Sasha MutalaCapitals9104
Scott DarlingBluesLien
Scott GlennieBlue Jackets
Scott GomezCanucks
Scott HannanJets
Scott HartnellPredators
Scott JacksonDevils
Scott KosmachukCoyotesLien
Scott MunroeOilers
Scott ParseIslanders
Scott PerunovichLightning837
Scott ReedyAvalanche7116
Scott ValentineWild
Scott WalfordBruins7110
Scottie UpshallBruins
Sean B. CollinsRed Wings
Sean MaguireMaple Leafs2115
Sean SullivanStars
Sebastian CollbergPredators
Sebastian ErixonOilers
Sebastian StalbergHurricanes
Sebastien PichePredators
Semyon ChystyakovWild9148
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevPanthers8109
Sena AcolatseJets
Sergei BoikovBlackhawksLien
Sergei KostitsynRangers
Sergei PlotnikovHurricanes
Sergey KalininCapitals
Sergey TolchinskyCanadiens
Sergey ZborovskiyJets
Serron NoelMaple Leafs833
Seth BartonPenguins888
Shamil ShmakovCanadiens8181
Shane EisermanKings4127
Shane HarperCapitals
Shane PintoRed Wings938
Shane PrinceDucks
Shaun HeshkaCanadiens
Shawn BoudriasIslanders8159
Shawn HorcoffBlackhawks
Shawn HunwickMaple Leafs
Shawn LalondeStars
Shawn MatthiasIslanders
Shawn ThorntonPredators
Sheldon BrookbankSharks
Sheldon SourayDevils
Simon BourqueLightning
Simon DespresDucks
Simon FernholmBlackhawks2155
Simon GysbersDevils
Simon KjellbergCapitals8182
Simon LundmarkJets9113
Simon MoserSabres
Skyler Brind'AmourMaple Leafs7157
Slava DeminWild8133
Slava VoynovPenguins
Spencer AbbottStars
Spencer AsuchakIslanders
Spencer FooDucksLien
Spencer KnightBlues95
Spencer MachacekOilers
Spencer StastneyBlackhawks8175
Spencer WatsonSharksLien
Stanislav GalievRangers
Stefan FournierKings
Stepan FalkovskyOilers
Stephane Da CostaCoyotes
Stephane VeilleuxRed Wings
Stephen DesrocherStars5120
Stephen GiontaRed WingsLien
Stephon WilliamsDucks
Steve BeginSharks
Steve DownieBlackhawks
Steve MasonOilers
Steve MontadorCapitals
Steve OleksyDevilsLien
Steve SullivanDevils
Steven HodgesStars
Steven SpinnerDucks4166
Stu BickelRed Wings
Stuart PercyBruinsLien
Sven AndrighettoStarsLien
T.J. HensickOilersLien
TJ GaliardiSenateurs
Tanner GlassSenateurs
Tanner LaczynskiOilers6129
Tanner RichardBlue Jackets
Tarmo ReunanenRangers6112
Tate OlsonStars5148
Taylor AronsonCanucks
Taylor BeckMaple Leafs
Taylor CammarataBruins361
Taylor ChorneyCanadiens
Taylor DohertyIslanders
Taylor PetersIslanders
Taylor PyattSharks
Teddy PurcellPanthers
Teemu HartikainenMaple Leafs
Teemu PulkkinenKings
Teemu SelanneOilers
Terrance AmorosaCanadiens3158
Theo PeckhamRed Wings
Thomas HarleyBlues916
Thomas SpellingIslanders2152
Thomas VanekPredatorsLien
Tim BozonFlames
Tim BrentCanucks
Tim ErixonKingsLien
Tim GleasonCanucks
Tim JackmanIslanders
Tim KennedyCapitals
Tim SestitoWild
Tim WallaceCapitals
Timo PielmeierKings
Timothy BoyleHurricanes2162
Timothy GettingerStarsLien
Timur IbragimovStars9160
Tobias GeisserBlackhawksLien
Tobias LindbergPenguinsLien
Toby EnstromSharks
Todd BurgessBruins682
Tom PyattCanucksLien
Tom SestitoFlamesLien
Tom WandellJets
Tomas FleischmannStars
Tomas HykaCapitalsLien
Tomas KundratekSenateurs
Tomas MazuraSenateurs9158
Tomas PlekanecCanadiens
Tomas VincourPanthers
Tomas VokounOilers
Tomas VomackaBlue Jackets7142
Tommy HughesKings
Tommy VannelliRangers
Tommy WingelsSabres
Toni UtunenMaple Leafs8138
Torrey MitchellCanadiens
Travis BrownSharks2159
Travis EwanykDevils
Travis MoenPredators
Travis MorinSharksLien
Travis OleksukSabres
Trent MinerBlue Jackets9132
Trenton BourqueBlue Jackets
Trevor CheekDevilsLien
Trevor JanickeGolden Knights9182
Trevor LudwigPredators
Trevor MurphyCanadiensLien
Trevor SmithPenguinsLien
Trevor ZegrasRed Wings97
Troy BourkeRangersLien
Tuukka TieksolaLightning9101
Ty DellandreaLightningLien
Ty EmbersonPanthers8137
Ty RattieCanadiensLien
Ty SmithRed Wings811
Ty WishartSenateurs
Tyce ThompsonBlues995
Tyler AngleSenateurs9139
Tyler BeskorowanyMaple Leafs
Tyler BiggsIslanders
Tyler BirdKings4161
Tyler CumaPenguins
Tyler GanlyStars
Tyler MaddenDucks834
Tyler ParsonsDucksLien
Tyler PlanteSenateurs
Tyler SloanStars
Tyler SoyBlues6122
Tyler TuckerPredators8120
Tyler VeselMaple LeafsLien
Tyler WallIslanders6136
Tyler WeissPredators8168
Tyson SexsmithCapitals
Tyson StrachanCapitals
Vaclav KarabacekKings
Vaclav ProspalDevils
Valentin NussbaumerCapitals9169
Valeri VasilievOilers2121
Valtteri PuustinenCanadiens999
Vasili PodkolzinBlackhawks913
Veeti VainioBlue Jackets5158
Vernon FiddlerMaple Leafs
Victor BartleyDevils
Victor BrattstromIslanders8128
Victor EjdsellCanadiensLien
Victor SoderstromSenateurs914
Viktor Crus-RydbergBlue Jackets3143
Viktor EkbomDucks
Viktor FasthCanucks
Viktor LodinRangers9131
Viktor LoovFlyers
Viktor StalbergPenguins
Viktor SvedbergCoyotes
Ville PokkaSabres
Vincent DesharnaisIslanders6162
Vincent DunnBlackhawks
Vladimir BobylevPredators6125
Vladimir ZharkovSharks
Vladislav FirstovCanucks970
Vladislav KaraMaple Leafs7149
Vladislav KolyachonokOilers940
Vladislav YeryomenkoCapitals8169
Vojtech BudikSenateurs6146
Wade AllisonPenguins643
Wade MurphyWild3178
Warren PetersDevils
Wes O'NeillMaple Leafs
Wesley MyronDevils2176
Wilhelm WestlundDucks3179
Will ActonOilers
William BittenPanthers664
William LockwoodRangers684
Willie MitchellBlackhawks
Wojtek WolskiOilers
Wouter PeetersWild6121
Wyatte WylieDevils8146
Xavier BernardBlue Jackets8116
Xavier BouchardBruins8132
Yan-Pavel LaplanteBlue Jackets
Yann SauvePenguins
Yaroslav KosovCanadiens
Yegor SpiridonovCoyotes9151
Zac JonesBlues966
Zach BoychukSharks
Zach BudishOilers
Zach FischerBlue Jackets7131
Zach HamillSenateurs
Zach O'BrienPanthers
Zach PochiroBlue Jackets3119
Zach SillKings
Zachary EmondMaple Leafs842
Zachary GallantMaple Leafs795
Zachary LauzonRed Wings7112
Zachary NagelvoortKings4142
Zachary StepanAvalanche254
Zack FitzGeraldDevils
Zack MitchellHurricanesLien
Zack PhillipsSharks
Zack StortiniJets
Zbynek MichalekKings
Ziyat PaiginLightning5116
pick manqueIslanders7184
pick yr9 ronde 6 non utiliseOilers9164